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Do it online makes is easier for you to use our services. All our services can be used straight away, but if you want to see your previous requests you will need a login. Registration is easy, but for security reasons we'll send you your password in the post.

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Pay Your Council Tax

If you have a login you can also see your current account balance and previous payments.

Pay a Parking Fine

Pay or appeal your penalty charge notice. You will need your ticket number and your vehicle registration.

Find Your Nearest

Get information on your property, such as bin collections, Councillor information, planning applications, Council Tax band and much more.

Apply for a Council Job

View our current job adverts and find out how you can apply to work for us.

Join / Renew Garden Waste Collections

Apply for a new brown bin collection, collected the same day as your blue bin, or renew your existing collection.

Pay Your Business Rates

If you run a business then you can pay your Non-Domestic Rates online.

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Report it

  • Report a Missed Bin
    If you think your bin collection has been missed please tell us, so we can investigate.
  • Community Trigger
    Community Trigger is a trail scheme designed to make sure we work together to resolve your complaint of anti - social behaviour.
  • Report Repeated Dog Fouling
    No one likes dog mess and even if you don't know who is letting it happen you should tell us and we can try and find out.
  • Report Fly Posting or Graffiti
    If you have spotted graffiti or you think a poster has been put up illegally let us know about it.
  • Report Fly Tipping
    Dumped rubbish is a national problem, but we are the best an catching the offenders. We can't do it without your help though, so please report it even if you don't know who did it.
  • Report a Benefit Cheat
    If you know someone who is claiming benefits and they shouldn't, please help us get back tax payers money.
  • Report a Planning Offence
    Do you know someone who has recently had some building work done, but you think it might not be what they have permission for.
  • Report a Problem with a Play Area
    Has your local play area been damaged or vandalised? Let us know so we can fix the problem.
  • Report Someone Smoking Illegally
    Tell us if you have seen someone smoking in an enclosed public space or a company vehicle, such as a van or taxi.
  • Report a Problem with a Street Nameplate
    If you have seen a road name sign that is damaged, in any way, let us know.
  • Report a Bonfire
    Report a Bonfire.

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